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weight-life balance


Her career led Marlies Hazelaar (1966) from the Netherlands via Curaçao (Caribbean) to Switzerland. At Van Melle (Mentos) she worked as export manager, moving into banking in 1998 performing different functions at ABN AMRO.

In 2008 she passed her exam as a certified nutritionist WSZ and started her own business with „weight-life balance”. Marlies Hazelaar’s consulting is focused on the needs of businessmen and -women. She knows their nutritional concerns at first hand. For ten years, she had a job that involved 50% traveling in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. „I hardly had time, I led an irregular life, I was constantly stressed, and I was always eating out and often eating too much“, she says.

This was a vicious circle from which Marlies tried to break out. „I tried everything and believed each promise I read in magazines or books. I lost a few pounds but put them back on just as quickly, and often more.”

A comprehensive, tailor made nutrition programme finally changed her life: „The kilos just disappeared. I have so much more energy since I lost weight and have never felt better. This experience made me re-evaluate my life.” Once an exporter of chewy sweets, these days Marlies advises people who want to get and remain fit and healthy on balanced nutrition.

In her spare time she enjoys family life with her husband and son and active pursuits like jogging, biking, hiking and Nordic Walking. Also fitness and skiing mean a lot. „To have the mountains just around the corner is for me one of the biggest advantages to living in Switzerland “, she says and laughs, thinking about the contrast with her native Holland.

She loves to cook and enjoys eating the fruits of her labour. Her favourite books are cook books. „Just reading them is mouthwatering”.